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November 25, 2015

As we head into the weekend where thankfulness is front and center on all of our minds, I was thinking back to a recent conversation I had with my son. He wanted to hear stories from the “old days” – about the beginnings of Rock Radio, the origins of Classic Rock, and the mainstreaming of what has become known as Alternative. In the process of looking back, it occurred to me how fortunate I’ve been over the years to have been mentored, supported, and helped along the way by so...

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Public Radio’s Demographic Cliff

November 24, 2015
Radio Industry

The shifting demographics that are at the epicenter of every conversation in public radio circles aren’t really a new story. The aging of the audience has been taking place for decades, but it was easy to ignore when its key demographics fell fairly neatly within the 25-54 year-old sweet spot. Today,...

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How Radio Can Disrupt The Disruptors

November 23, 2015

The buzz out of Forecast last week surrounded CRN International Executive VP Dick Kalt’s comments about broadcasters and pure-plays. In Radio Ink, Kalt suggested that radio companies embrace and even partner with Pandora or Spotify to strengthen the audio marketing model. While these comments might have been unthinkable just...

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Are You Addicted To Your Mobile Phone?

November 20, 2015
iphone 6

The smartphone revolution hasn’t just rocked our worlds. It has changed our culture and the fabric of our everyday lives. Back in 2010 when we put together the “Goin’ Mobile” project for Arbitron, the smartphone tsunami was just underway. Most people were still using flip phones (or feature phones),...

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Why Radio Should Be Planting Trees

November 19, 2015
tree clip art

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” That old Chinese proverb has been on my mind this year. We often write blog posts exhorting broadcasters to take action, start a new project, dare to be innovative, and invest in...

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Pandora: More Than Just A Jukebox?

November 18, 2015

Pandora has been in the news these days. In fact, if you look back over the past several weeks, Pandora has been busily making a series of moves, acquisitions, and announcements.  So what’s the plan, Stan? The shorthand is they acquired Ticketfly, they’re carrying the world-famous Serial podcast, and now they’ve acquired the...

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The Beginning Of The End For Radio Traffic Reports?

November 17, 2015
waze logo

The ways in which consumers access entertainment and information while they drive is the foundation of our DASH Conference. Our recent get-together in Detroit a couple weeks back featured 18 different keynotes, panels, and presentations devoted to the intersection of radio and cars. But of course, the smartphone is a star player...

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Dashboard Invaders

November 16, 2015
apple logo

I’ve spoken to many people during the past week who attended DASH to get a sense of which sessions resonated.   One of the speakers who just about everyone points to is John Ellis, former Ford executive who stepped out on his own this year. John is an outspoken, untethered...

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Radio’s Most Innovative: Coca-Cola’s First Taste Fridays

November 13, 2015
coke bottle

The advent of product placement in entertainment may be the ultimate intersection of art and commerce. Occasionally, it’s done exceedingly well like when E.T. put Reese’s Pieces on the map. Other times, such as the more than 30 products displayed in last summer’s Jurassic World, it can be over-the-top...

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Radio’s DOA

November 12, 2015
Money made into automobile

Don’t let today’s blog title fool you – this post is about hope, optimism, and potential. As always, however, it comes down to whether radio will get the memo.  The advertising strategy of automakers and car dealers is changing, rapidly moving away from rated media and cascading toward accountable, digital channels. That...

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Classic Rock’s Backstories

November 11, 2015
electric guitar

We’re in the process of putting together a celebration in honor of the first FM Classic Rock radio station in America – WMMQ in Lansing.  Thirty years ago, we signed on this station, and the format has grown ever since. The amazing thing is that as you scan Nielsen...

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Radio’s Trump Card

November 10, 2015
ben carson character

If there’s one thing Donald Trump has taught political pundits, researchers, and consultants, it’s that the old rules governing elections and the pursuit of political office no longer seem to apply. In fact, candidates like Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are proving that the more you turn conventional wisdom...

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Which Kool-Aid Are You Drinking?

November 9, 2015
DASH_Connected Car

Our third DASH Conference is history, but by all accounts, this event may have been the most substantive, with several groundbreaking, buzzworthy sessions. A number of attendees have asked us to summarize DASH, to come up with the key takeaways that occurred across 18 different sessions. So how do you...

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