A Day In The Life

March 7, 2011

We have talked a great deal about the challenges that many radio stations are facing as they attempt to develop a viable social media strategy, especially given staffing limitations.  Oftentimes, the task of developing a strategy deteriorates into a bunch of tactics (“I’ll be giving away Ozzy tickets today at 4:20”), tweeted and posted by several people at the station.

The result is a checkerboard execution that often fails to deliver meaningful results.  It’s like a station having four different PDs.  You know the end result will be a mess.

Yet, on the social side, that’s oftentimes the way it works out.  The future of managing social media brands and sites may be to designate one go-to person, working in concert with programming, sales, and marketing.  A social media brand manager is where we’re all heading, but what would that person do all day?

Thanks to Socialcast, we have a glimpse into the “typical day” of the social media manager:

Social Media Manager Schedule

That’s one busy day.  And it speaks to the challenge that traditional media outlets will have moving forward without investment in this area from both a personnel and a strategic standpoint.

In the upcoming Tech Survey 7 study that we will field later this month, there will be no shortage of social media-related questions, designed to help stations better get their arms around changing audience needs and expectations.

But no matter the result, the trend will be to invest in personnel – at the very least on the cluster level – to address both the challenge and the opportunity of this communication pathway with consumers.  As more than half of the online world now interacts on Facebook, that’s a cume audience that deserves respect and attention.


Thanks to Tom Webster for RTing this chart.


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2 Responses to A Day In The Life

  1. Stu Chisholm on March 7, 2011 at 7:51 PM

    Talk about bang for the buck! Remember, for a moment, the state of radio promotion back in 1986 – 25 years ago. It would be near impossible for a Promotions Director to reach as many people as a full-time IT savvy social media specialist! Yes, indeed, that’s one busy day — and it’s one PRODUCTIVE day. When a combined traditional promotion strategy is combined with online presence, the impact potential is limitless!!!
    Radio has always thrived on trends, so why is the move to online and portable wireless internet devices any different? These are tools that Zig Zeigler would’ve sold his SOUL for! It’s time to use them and meet your demographic on their own turf. Good topic, Fred! (And WAY too long, my friend!)

  2. Fred on March 7, 2011 at 11:11 PM

    Stu, thanks much for taking the time. The tools, combined with strong brands and solid content, provide limitless potential. Radio is just beginning to get its head around that. Appreciate you reading our blog & commenting.

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