Tony the Tiger Targets Testosterone

September 1, 2011

Hopefully that headline tease got you to start reading this blog post – because it’s an important marketing story.  Kellogg is changing its priorities and dads are becoming a new target group.

This is significant because until now, cereal ads have been geared primarily at moms and kids.  Now Kellogg is embarking on a new campaign, executed by Leo Burnett.

As our “Marketing To Men” study clearly pointed out, men are prime grocery buyers, too.  A recent Yahoo study showed that more than half of men 18-64 say they’re the primary household shopper, but only about a quarter believe that the packaged-goods folks are attempting to appeal to them.

Our study, conducted earlier this year, also showed that single men present a major opportunity, especially when it comes to grocery shopping as the word cloud below depicts.

You wonder what took the advertising industry so long?

Well, one of the explanations is that the old maxim, “Women control 80% of consumer spending” is actually total hogwash.  And I’m being kind.

A few months back, the Wall Street Journal’s Carl Bialik did some legwork and found that most marketers source this stat to Marti Barletta, a consultant who wrote a book back in 2002 ironically called Marketing To Women.

In her book, she actually claimed “80% to 90%” of consumer spending decisions are made by women, but when asked by Bialik where she came up with that maxim, she sadly admitted there is no data to support it.  Yet as Barletta claimed, it’s a number “that everyone in the industry uses…I’m still pretty comfortable with the 80% number.”

You go, girl, because the reality is that more and more marketers are seeing their worlds from a different perspective – a man’s.  And the growing realization that men buy stuff, too, is what’s driving Kellogg and a growing number of companies.

If you’re a male-skewing radio station, it’s time to start roaring about your target listener.  (And the next time a buyer throws that 80% figure at you, let them know that Marti Barletta apparently made it up.)

Hats off to our guys.  They have loyalty cards, use coupons, and they’re ready to spend if you take the time to target them.

For a copy of our Marketing to Men infographic, please contact Paul Jacobs.


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2 Responses to Tony the Tiger Targets Testosterone

  1. Danny Czekalinski on September 1, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    Couldn’t agree more especially with grocery stores. I notice that men either do the shopping alone or they take part in the shopping with their partner. Strike a responsive chord in the males and they will put that product in their cart.

    • Fred Jacobs
      Fred Jacobs on September 1, 2011 at 8:14 PM

      You’re right, Danny. It doesn’t take much in the way of messaging to make men feel that brands care about them as shoppers. Good for Kellogg for jumping in. Thanks for contributing.

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