Summit 16 – By Tweets

December 14, 2011

Many of you who didn’t make it the Jacobs Summit and Arbitron Client Conference last week have asked me how it went.  Or worse, could I give you a quick summary of the high points.

We packed our “Radio 360°” 4-hour block with nine sessions.  Suffice it to say, it moved very quickly.  We programmed it with a “sine wave” mentality – and sure enough, it weaved through some very diverse speakers and topics in a very fast-paced way.  From hot to cold, from commercial to public, from loud to soft, from veteran to rookie.

Summit 16 ran the gamut from 140 Characters Conference founder Jeff Pulver (pictured) to the Director of the U.S. Census, Dr. Robert M. Groves.  There was something for everybody.

I didn’t have much chance to tweet during the sessions because herding our speakers and keeping everything punctual was time consuming.  But as it turns out, there were a lot of people covering the event on Twitter.  And it struck me while looking at the running commentary of 140 character (or less) witticisms and quotes that this stream would make for an interesting way to get a feel for what happened at Summit 16 through the eyes and thumbs of those in the crowd.

So here goes…

First, some tweets about James Cridland who spoke eloquently about the need for U.S. radio to speak in one voice:

Dr. Robert Groves is Director of the U.S. Census and his session generated lots of tweets and thoughts from Summit 16 attendees, many of whom asked us to post his incredible slides depicting a changing American population.

Then it was time for radio and TV star Ed Schultz.  There was lots of energy in the room:

From there, Jeff Pulver spoke about how it’s all about people on the real-time web.  His “group hug” was a Summit first.

Next up was “Radio’s Interactive Superstar,” WTMX’s Chris Petlak.  And this guy really made an impression on the room:

WTOP’s Jim Farley took the Summit stage with some observations about news coverage in an interactive world:

I then had the pleasure of interviewing NPR’s On The Media co-host Brooke Gladstone.  And the running commentary on Twitter continued…

Lori Lewis interviewed social media specialist for the NHL’s Washington Capitals, Sean Parker.  Here are some tweets:

And finally, our panel on “The Future of Content,” hosted by Kurt Hanson, with panelists Jim Farley, James Cridland, WMMR’s Bill Weston, KUT’s Hawk Mendenhall, and Dial Global’s Beau Phillips.  This was the session that was widely quoted in the trades and you’ll see why by reading some of the selected tweets:

And so it went.  Nine sessions.  Four hours.  Fourteen different presenters.  For those of you here on hand in Baltimore, thanks for making the journey.  We hope you found it worthwhile.  Thanks to Arbitron for making it possible, and MusicMaster for sponsoring the Summit once again.

This concept of “citizen journalists” reporting on conferences like this one is intriguing to me.  It’s a different way of telling a story.  Hope you enjoyed it.

We hope to see you at Summit 17 next year.


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