True Friends

August 10, 2012

In our ongoing dialogue with clients about how to best utilize social networks as a marketing and communications tool for radio and its personalities, we keep running into questions about how many “likes” or “friends” a station have in fill-in-the-blank market size.

Lori Lewis, in particular, is adamant about how thinking about the numbers of friends misses the point.  As she puts it, confetti does not rain down from the sky when you break the 10,000 “likes” threshold.

And in fact, while Facebook and “real life” are often very divergent concepts, they are very much simpatico when it comes to this:

It is not about the quantity of the friendships you have – it is about the quality of the relationships that you build.

This was reinforced to me in a cartoon by the great Dan Piraro whose Bizarro Comics are always spot-on commentaries about the lives we lead:

How many true friends do YOU have?


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