September 18, 2012

Since we hired Lori Lewis to handle our social media strategy at Jacobs Media, some friends and colleagues have asked us about why we need this position?  In essence, what does Lori do for stations?

Most people “get it,” especially those who have met and worked with her.  But sometimes there’s a sense that because social media tools are “free,” they are therefore easy to use.

Not true.

These days, it seems like politicians and celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon at a rapid pace.  You probably read about President Obama’s foray into Reddit a couple weeks ago during the Republican National Convention.  By all accounts, his AMA (Ask Me Anything) adventure went very well.

The same was apparently not the case for FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.  According to AdWeek, the commish scheduled a Twitter chat and apparently failed to show.

The problem?  Genachowski forgot to tag his responses with the promoted hashtag, #askjulius.  Thus, participants were asking questions, but there were no visible responses.

This is what happens when people are new to Twitter – but clearly not being advised by a social strategist.

Here are some of the responses from those trying to connect and engage with Genachowski.

That’s why we hired Lori.  Everyone needs a social media strategist.  Even the FCC.

Ask Lori.


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