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October 3, 2012

By now, you know the drill.  If you run into a problem with a company or brand, you can go right to their Facebook or Twitter page, and let them know about your complaint or issue.

And sometimes you get a positive result – and sometimes you don’t.  Many brands don’t even bother to acknowledge these user concerns. For the company itself, it often means seeing a number of customer complaints on the main fan page – not exactly pretty or fun to read.

Now Delta has created a special Twitter account called “Delta Assist.”  It is set up as a 24/7 service to handle any and all complaints, hassles, and beefs.  With more than 62,000 followers at the time this blog was written (mostly frequent flyers like me, I’d assume), consumers have gotten Delta’s message.

Lori Lewis frequently talks about the importance of acknowledgment, and that’s what Delta Assist is all about.  Every person counts.  Notice how they list out the 14 members of their team so you have a degree of accountability and a personal touch with the responses from Delta Assist.

Perhaps not for every radio station, but you can imagine how a major media brand could do something very similar – and set itself apart from an impersonal pure-play.  Questions about the station, events, and other fan questions could be answered efficiently and respectfully.

I remember the old ABC-FM stations all had a “Community Switchboard,” staffed mostly by interns and volunteers.  In a lot of ways, this is a modern, digitized version with an emphasis on customer satisfaction – and a way to set a brand apart from the pack.

Twitter as the modern-day complaint hotline?

It’s a real-time idea that just makes sense.


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